Into the Blue: Florida’s Must-Visit Beaches

Friend´s pen: Elena Tivari

If you are thinking about vacationing in Florida, you will definitely want to know about the beaches you must visit because you can’t just go to Florida without going to the beach. It will be like committing a crime. If you love the sun and are out looking for a great place to relax and sunbathe, then Florida is just the place for you.

Florida beaches are heavenly and should not be missed for whatever reason. Can’t decide which beach to visit? Here’s a compilation of the must-visit beaches Florida has to offer.

South Beach, Miami

If you are looking for the splendid stretch of the Atlantic Ocean or the gentle touch of beautiful white sand, then South Beach has plenty of that to offer. Aside ‘from kicking your sandals, sunbathing and getting your feet wet in the blue Atlantic waters, there are plenty of other activities that one can take part in at this awesome beach.

If you love shopping, there are plenty of places to do that. The beach also offers amazing architecture, art and a busy nightlife that should not be missed. You also get to tease your taste buds with mouth-watering culinary dishes.

Siesta Key

What makes Siesta Key unique is its fine white sand that usually stays cool. The sand on this beach is pure Quartz and very soft. It is no wonder the beach has earned awards like the finest and whitest sand in the world and the best sand beach in America. Who would want to miss that?

The beach offers a wide array of activities like shopping, dining and a busy nightlife that visitors can indulge in. The pure, cool, white sand and the turquoise waters make the beach very beautiful and the perfect romantic setting for lovers. It is also a great family vacation destination with huge playgrounds for children to play. The beach is ideal for everyone who is out to have some fun.

Clearwater Beach

Trip Advisor named Clearwater the number one beach in 2018 and with good reason. It has clear, inviting, and shallow water that makes it the perfect playground for families. Aside from its breathtaking beauty, this beach also has plenty of activities to offer.

Fine restaurants, numerous stores, live music, and the Clearwater Ferry are some of the many amenities visitors get to enjoy when they visit this beautiful beach. Clearwater beach should definitely be on every person’s list of must-visit beaches.

Sanibel Island

The beaches at Sanibel Island are among the most unique beaches of the world. The beaches are not just very sandy but are greatly endowed with shells. Sanibel Island has won several awards for the best shelling beach. It has also won awards for being one of the best beaches found in Florida. The island is also one of the hugest attractions in Florida, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Sanibel Island offers the perfect destination to sit back, relax and enjoy fishing, shelling, and bird watching, among many other fun activities. There are plenty of bird species on the island, making it a great travel destination for bird watchers. You can also hold special events like weddings and parties on the island. If you are tired of the busy city life and are looking for a serene place to relax and reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature, then you should definitely try Sanibel Island out.

Lovers Key State Park

As the name suggests, this is a great destination for lovers. It is a romantic destination ideal for those who want to spend time together and rekindle their love. If you have always wanted a beach wedding, then Lovers Key State Park offers the perfect wedding setting. Aside from warm beautiful waters, there are also beautiful walking trails where people can spot amazing wildlife. If you are an animal lover then chances are that you will love this particular beach. There are numerous activities that visitors can take part in like fishing, cycling, hiking and swimming. You also have the option to paddle a kayak around the still waterways.

The aforementioned beaches offer the perfect travel destination to lay back, unwind and enjoy a stress-free Florida beach getaway. Once you select the perfect beach destination, you should consider booking a vacation rental for your accommodation. A vacation rental allows you to enjoy cozy and homely amenities that take your holiday experience even a notch higher.

*All pics by Pixabay.

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